Manual Bending Machines

Model HS 1; HS 1-L; Building Site Bending Machine BK 2

Construction and Design

    Bending Machine HS 1mechanical swivel bending machines
  • bearings and guideways maintenance free
  • angle scale for bending beam 0 - 155 degrees
  • adjustable bending beam
  • all machines in solid, welded all-steel design
  • light and portable manual bending machine
  • upper beam operated either by hand lever or foot pedal
  • tooling of upper beam and bending beam are not exchangeable
  • upper beam tooling 20 degrees
  • BK 2 has crowned bending beam and table




Building Site Bending Machine BK 2

Optional Accessory

  • NEW tooling of upper and bending beam exchangeable
  • roller shear extension (0.80 mm)
  • back gauge 600 mm
  • curl forming attachment/2 wrenches/
    curl forming rod
  • swivel castors with wheel stops
    only with hand lever operated machines







Building Site Bending Machine BK 2


















Working length mm
Bending capacity mm for steel 400 N/mm²
1030 1.00 mm HS 1
1350 0.80 mm HS 1-L
2030 0.70 mm BK 2








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